Tasos Pardalis

Tasos Pardalis

Data Scientist / Marketer / Creator

Welcome! My name is Anastasios, you can call me Tasos. I recently completed my MSc in data science for business from Stirling University in Scotland. I currently work as a data analyst contractor at RLG, focusing on natural language processing. I love creating content and data products. I am available for hire.


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  • Data Scientist (contractor) Royal London Group (RLG)
    Sep 2018 - Pressent

    After my MSc project was finalised, my manager at RLG extended my contract and now I’m focusing on insurance industry projects with specific focus on free text analysis. My focus on text analysis during my master’s project puts me in the unique position of being the only person in my current team with some experience in natural language process; this provides me with a lot of autonomy to explore the challenge of predicting whether an application will be accepted or declined based on the responses provided in the free text answers by the applicant.

  • Summer Student, Data AnalystRoyal London Group (RLG)
    Jun 2018 - Sept 2018

    My final MSc Data Science for Business project took place in the form of an industry summer placement with RLG. I worked with the data science team in Edinburgh who helped me understand how to use R better and how to approach a data science project from conception to delivery. My project was focused on collecting insurance industry news data by scraping online magazines and fitting sentiment analysis and topic models in the language data.

  • Co-Founder, Innovator and Marketer The Startup Race
    Jul 2016 - May 2018

    Working with a team of 5 to develop a process that helps startups focus and become investment ready as fast as possible. We also work with investors to help them minimize their investment risk creating a win/win scenario for both startups and investors. I am responsible for marketing and innovation, coming up with ideas such as our LofE Slack community which provides our members with daily value and us with an revenue channel.

  • App Store Optimization (ASO) Toggl
    Feb 2017 - Mar 2017

    Worked with Toggl to help the team in Esthonia develop their ASO strategy for the year 2017/2018.

    Since I had no experience with ASO prior to the Toggl project I had to learn quickly and provide value to my client. Search engine optimization (SEO) and ASO have a lot of similarities such as keyword research and quality content and my experience with SEO helped me to adopt quickly delivering strong results to my client.

  • Marketing Consultant Amolingua
    Dec 2016 - Jan 2017

    Worked with Amolingua to help revise the overall marketing strategy for 2017-2018 with particular focus in digital media and PR to reach more students globally.

    During this project I had to attend some meetings with the company's advisers and I had to report directly to the CEO. All parties were happy with my work and I would love to work with Amolingua again in the future if the opportunity arises.

  • Market Research GMP Print
    Jun 2016 - Aug 2016

    Spent one summer to help GMP Print Solutions with market research to help us understand whether a significant investment in digital marketing activities would help the company keep current clients happy and prompt them to increase their orders.

  • Founder and CEO Groupmates
    Aug 2014 - Mar 2016

    Straight after graduating from RGU, I've launched Groupmates with an amazing team of people and friends. During the three years of our operations I was taught many valuable lessons and skills from both failures and mentors.

    My responsibilities at Groupmates included but weren't limited to:

    • innovation
    • team management and motivation
    • managing and prioritising works
    • customer interviews
    • marketing strategy and execution
    • competitor and market analysis
    • pitching and representing the company in competitions


  • MSc Data Science for Business University Of Stirling

    Data is everywhere, every business has them and every business needs to use them. The need to understand data and use them to help businesses develop data products is increasing. I chose to return to academia and study data science because I want to be a unique value for employers or business teams that wish to work with me.

  • BA Management with Marketing Robert Gordon University

    My degree in management and marketing provided me with the key skills I needed to take forward with me when I started my own business. I firmly believe that we never stop learning and as an entrepreneur I've learned from failures and successes as well as my mentors.

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I live in Stirling, Scotland. Can work Remotely and travel for meetings if needed.

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I love to work, so don't be shy, i am just an email away.

"I'm the most awesome person you'll ever meet. I mean, I speak Greek, English, some Japanes, some Chinese and I can eat with chopsticks - Pretty cool, ha?"

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